About us

About us

Since our launch in 2007, Visionary Creative Displays has excelled in offering the most advanced showcases, which display watches and jewellery to their best advantage. Our high-quality vitrines are preferred by industry leaders in the UK, including retailers Pragnell and Wakefields Jewellers, brands Sarah Ho and Shaun Leane, and events The Jewellery Cut Live and SalonQP. What makes these companies choose us is not just our quality and advanced technology, but also our full turnkey service that takes all the hassle out of hiring cabinets. 

Cordless cabinets

All Visionary Creative Displays lockable cabinets are battery powered and cordless. This means they can be quickly installed in any location without the need for a power socket, and, as such, eliminate dangerous trip hazards caused by cables running across the floor. As well as being convenient and safer, this feature can save you money at larger trade or consumer shows that might charge for access to a power supply.

The battery life of each cabinet runs for up to 36 hours, meaning that no recharging is necessary for one- or two-day events, though you will always be left with spare, fully charged batteries for longer events or simply for peace of mind. The cabinets also have lockable storage compartments and two USB ports, meaning you can charge any devices on the go by plugging them directly into the showcases.

LED lighting

The correct lighting is crucial to displaying watches and jewellery well, and our cordless cabinets use powerful LED driver units that deliver a bright, clean light. By using LEDs in the internal lighting systems – which you can adjust using your phone with some of our newer cabinet models – guests can easily take photos of your products through the glass with no flashback or glare. This means you can encourage your guests to share images of your event on social media, while keeping products secure within the vitrines.


Visionary Creative Displays cabinets can be personalised for events. Brand names or logos can be applied to the showcases, either using a laminate on the front of the cabinet or a frosted logo positioned on the glass. The vitrines offer a blank space within for you to decorate to your brand style. Should you need props or displays to use within the cabinets to showcase watches and jewellery, we have a selection we can loan to you.    

A turn-key service

As well as hiring out superior cabinets, what is core to the values of Visionary Creative Displays is customer service. What makes us stand out is that we deliver a full turn-key service that means we take care of all the set up – you just need to come armed with your products and displays, we’ll do the rest. Our cordless, battery-powered showcases will be delivered to the venue by our friendly team of experts, whose positive attitudes mean that no last-minute snag or tight angle will hold your event back.

The cabinets will be installed to your specifications by our team, who will gladly take your staff through the operational elements before cleaning the cabinets, leaving them gleaming in place and ready to be filled. We can also offer staff to stay on hand throughout the event, on request, to troubleshoot any issues that might arise. The full team will return at the end of the event to remove the cabinets cleanly and efficiently, taking them back into storage at our headquarters in London, ready for your next event.